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The Vinyl Countdown

You’re ready to go vinyl, aren’t you?

Designed to withstand the elements, Valordek is the bold choice in vinyl decking, and we dare you to be different and create a space that is uniquely you. With this many styles to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your personality.

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Wood Styles

Unlike any wood you’ve seen before

Detailed and durable, our wood styles are inspired by warm accents and natural trends, adding a perfect outdoor accent to your outdoor space. Textured, rich, and unique, it’s hard to believe something that looks this good doesn’t take hours to maintain.

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Walnut Plank

Ash Plank

Stone Styles

Welcome to the stone age

Do you have a rock-solid sense of style? If so, then our signature stone-styled vinyl options are for you. Modern and edgy, Valordek’s stone vinyl comes in a variety of shades and patterns for you to choose from.

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Pebble Grey

Pebble Beige

Classic Styles

Classic rock is back

Was it ever gone? We don’t think so! Vinyl is all about ease, and nothing is easier than choosing one of Valordek’s classic vinyl styles. These soothing neutrals will add value to your home for years to come and create the perfect foundation for any type of patio decor!

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Beige Stone

Grey Stone

Flint Taupe

Flint Beige

Flint Grey

Marble Grey

Marble Beige

Dress Up Your Deck

Protected from the ground up

Sometimes, the perfect deck requires a little special attention, especially if it’s not a standard, ground floor installation. That’s right—we’re talking about stairs, railings, and accessories. Let’s build this deck from the ground up and top it off with a little something extra.

Picket Railings

With a continuous bottom and top rail design, picket railings are perfect for your contemporary home—and cost-efficient. Their round top design is both modern and family-friendly, adding safety and style to your outdoor space.

Topless Glass Railings

Sleek and elegant, topless glass railings offer an unobstructed view. Perfect for oceanfront or mountain view properties, adding a modern touch to your home. As simple as they are beautiful, they require no top or bottom rails, making installation quick.

Glass Railings

Offering a combination of luxury and safety, our glass railings elevate every outdoor space and help you take back your weekend. These low maintenance railings don’t rust or dent—you just have to watch out for the fingerprints!


When we say we want you to take back your weekends, we mean it! Aluminum stairs are anti-slip, require no maintenance (say good-bye to summers of staining), and are incredibly sturdy. What’s that? Oh, just the sound of you relaxing.