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The Vinyl Frontier

What’s our story?

We believe in being bold, in daring to offer a non-traditional product that enables people to take back their free time. We’ve been in the business since 1998, and have a history of doing things right—a history that starts and ends with vinyl decking.

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Siding, sofit, and sundeck installations began, with our family business operating as a three-man crew out of a 600 sq. ft. garage under the name Canadian Siding and Sundecks Ltd.


All Seasons Waterproofing Inc. was established, with decks reconstruction and installation becoming our primary focus.


With the success of our decking initiatives, we moved into our first warehouse, which was 1,800 sq. ft., and began the wholesale side of All Seasons, distributing products for another supplier in the Lower Mainland.


Filling a need we saw during installation, the Smart Choice Railing brand was created, adding aluminum railing services to our company offerings. To accommodate our increased business, we moved into a new 4,800 sq. ft. facility.


All Seasons continued growing and required more space to store products and provide better customer service with faster turnaround times. Our team moved, once again, to a new 8,100 sq. ft. warehouse in Surrey, large enough to serve all of our customers.


Our team began conducting research to launch our own line of vinyl decking—the beginning of a three-year project that saw us attaining certifications and completing market research to develop a product and a brand we believed in.


The brand for our vinyl decking line was unveiled and introduced to the world—Valordek!