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You want to know more, and we like that. Scroll through our frequently asked questions and learn more about All Seasons, Valordek vinyl decking, DIY techniques, and more.

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General Information

What kind of warranty does All Seasons offer?

We offer a warranty on both our Valordek vinyl products and our installation services—most companies only handle installation warranties, but we take care of it all. All Valordek products are covered by a written warranty featuring a 10-year waterproofing warranty and a 5-year appearance warranty.* For complete warranty information, please request our warranty handout.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

We’ll get you a quote in 48 hours—that’s an All Seasons promise!

Do you provide financing options for large and small scale projects?

Yes, we've partnered with PayBright, a Canadian firm that helps people finance purchases into manageable monthly instalments, so we can offer 0% financing for the first three months. Interested in financing your patio project? Click here to apply for Paybright financing or ask any one of our representatives for more detail

Can I visit your showroom?

Of course! You’re welcome to visit our showroom any day of the week (Monday through Saturday), no appointed required!

What do you do besides deck installation and reconstruction?

All Seasons is your one-stop shop for a total maintenance free deck! In addition to vinyl decking installation, we take care of retrofitting older decks, fixing structural issues, and installing aluminum railings and stairs.

Do you perform year-round installation?

Yes we do! No matter what time of year it is, the All Seasons crew can spruce up your deck with vinyl!

Caring For Your Deck

Will my deck fade quickly?

Sun exposure will slightly affect the colour of your vinyl deck but, that being said, we’ve taken great care to test Valordek vinyl and measure how it stands up to the elements—the results? A deck you can count on to look good for years to come.

How can I extend the life of my deck?

Clean your vinyl deck with soap and water! Avoid chemicals and stick to the basics—this is a lowmaintenance, remember. If you stain your deck and are having trouble getting it out, pick up one of our cleaning and rejuvenation products that are made especially for vinyl.

What kind of maintenance does a vinyl deck require?

We promised that with vinyl, you’d be able to take back your weekends, and we meant it! Vinyl decking is relatively maintenance free! A quick wash a couple of times a year is all it takes to keep your deck looking new.

Can vinyl decking withstand extreme temperatures?

Valordek vinyl decking is designed and tested to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius. Perfect for the Pacific Northwest!


Can I install vinyl decking on my own or do I need a professional?

Valordek is a DIY-friendly vinyl—but we wholeheartedly recommend an installation guide. Or, if you’re a visual learner, we put together this how-to video!

Is there any surface Valordek can't be installed on?

Valordek is best installed on 5/8 TG plywood or untreated concrete. Valordek should not be installed on:

  1. Painted Surfaces
  2. Treated Concrete
  3. Treated Lumber

Do I need specific tools to install Valordek?

You’re going to need a few things—check out our accessories page for more information!


Where is Valordek made?

Valordek is manufactured in the United States.

Is Valordek roof-grade certified?

Valordek is 68mils thick, which means it is roof-grade certified and surpasses building codes!

What is Valordek made of?

Valordek is constructed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Manufacturers add UV screens and stabilizers to prolong the life of PVC materials, and these additions are designed to prevent cracking, embrittlement, and discolouration. The thicker the vinyl is, the greater its resistance to UV degradation.

What size roll does Valordek come in?

Valordek is distributed in 72” wide rolls, but we can cut any length up to 480 linear feet. If required, we offer master rolls which contain up to 2,880 square feet of vinyl.

Do you only carry Valordek?

Yes! Valordek is our sister company, and their vinyl products meet all of our quality standards.

Valordek And All Seasons

What is the relationship between All Seasons and Valordek?

Valordek is All Seasons’ sister company. They opened in 2018 after years of vinyl decking research and development.